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February 14 2020 12:00 pm - 11:00 pm

This Friday at BOTH LOCATIONS we are releasing 3 beers (very limited number of bottles) of a collaboration we set in motion 2 years ago with Yazoo Brewing.
Tampa Bay Beer Week 2018, we took a lager malt bill & added open pollinated white & yellow heirloom corn that traveled with Brandon Jones down from Nashville Tennessee, to Tampa, Florida.
(Side note: It turns out that raw dried heirloom corn is hard to crack. We tried hammering it and even smashing it with a 5 ton fork-lift – apparently all we needed was a commercial grade food processor!)
We pitched with Augustiner Lager yeast and blend of Yazoo’s souring bugs, and directly fermented in Whiskey Barrels for nearly two years. Two of the beers got another couple of months on fruit, one with Apricot and the other with Strawberry, and one of the barrels turned out so fantastic we had to give it to you Straight Up.
One of the barrels we used had the name “Charlie” written across it in big letters and has been a long-time feature in our Tampa tasting room and thus inspired the name of this three part series:
Straight Up Charlie – single barrel aged without fruit
Fuzzy Charlie – two barrel blend with Apricot
Pink Charlie – two barrel blend with Strawberry
It may be “corny” (pun intended), but good things come to those who wait, and this beer is a beautiful example of that. Please enjoy.