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Disputed Origins Bottle Release

June 14, 2019

This will be available at BOTH LOCATIONS!
Puerto Rico is the birthplace of the Piña Colada (strained pineapple in Spanish). The creator of one of the most popular frozen cocktails (it even has its own national holiday – July 10th), is still hotly disputed. It may have been in the early 1800’s by a pirate known as El Pirata Cofresí; he stole from rich merchants and gave the spoils to the poor in Puerto Rico but the recipe was lost when he was caught and executed. It didn’t resurface again until the 1950’s and there are three other different people and places that claim to have invented it.

Regardless of who did, we are so happy it exists, because as odd as a piña colada imperial stout may seem – it turns out, it’s as delicious as the frosty tropical beverage. We enjoyed working with Cultivation Brewing to make this happen and you can expect a few more of our collaborative works heading your way.